Fernando y Nora..♥

Nora Torres is an angel~

Fernando, Nora, and Leo Torres… What a family… =)


Fernando y Leo..♥

Leo Torres is so cute~

















trailer for the upcoming documentary “Bully”, which will release on March 30th. 

I just started crying and that’s only the trailer. Oh god.

Such a great movie, I hope everyone sees it

crying. oh my gosh. where is this going to be shown?

Everyone needs to see this.

not sure where they got that number, though. I feel like it might be bigger. A ton of kids get bullied, even if not to an extreme amount.



my heart ;__;

worst part is knowing many kids just don’t talk about it because they’ll be labeled as culprits.

To this day, people still think the complainer is the one who’s wrong.

It was like that when I was the one being bullied, it’s being like that when kids and teenagers I know are being the bullied ones.

And, unfortunately, this isn’t a problem exclusive to the U.S… I mean, I’m not American and I’m just outright saying I was bullied!

Though, the U.S. is one of the few countries that’s even doing something about it. If you go to Japan, for example, they won’t even care and will say it’s the victim’s fault for not conforming themselves to social norms and that if they kill themselves or become shut-ins, they’re just being weak. If you go to Brazil, my home country, they’ll say it’s nothing, just kids being kids and that everyone bullies each other a little, who complains about it is a socially awkward pussy who’s exaggerating things to get attention. And I’m not even saying this about commoners’ opinions in either cases (which is, in most cases, about the same or even worse), I’m saying it about authorities who go to TV to give their professional opinions about bullying. The fact a group of people in the USA decided to make a documentary about bullying is already a victory to those kids, teens and even adults who are or were constantly oppressed, beaten and humiliated. Dignity is a right, and one everyone needs. Taking it from certain people because they don’t “fit in” or just because you “don’t like them” is just plain stupid. Everyone is different. Acting like a hivemind who shuns who isn’t the exact same copy is a bad thing in our society and we need to change.

Unfortunately, I’m sure I won’t see such change happening in my lifetime…

damn i just like these comments here

I hope this makes some difference but the sad truth is that it’s not going to bring back all this kids that have taken their live because of the people that just stood by and let this happen!! 

"Dignity is a right, and one everyone needs." AGREE

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NCIS Season 9 in-depth Tiva analysis:



this probably made my day

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Do you wanna see intimidation, bitch?

Gibbs  (via probalicious)

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